THE HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS and professionalism guide the steps in our strategy

in order to ensure efficient, transparent and sustainable management of the homes we build. Above all, to preserve the planet and take care of something as valuable as people’s well-being.

HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS and professionalism guide the steps of our strategy.

in order to guarantee efficient, transparent and sustainable management of the homes we build. Above all, to preserve the planet and take care of something as valuable as people’s well-being.


We execute residential projects that cover such an important social need as housing and that also allow us to generate sustainable value for our investors, clients, collaborators and employees, and all of this with a quality product in accordance with the demand and needs of our clients.


To be the reference company in the residential sector in Spain, with a vocation to be established throughout the national territory and with the humble objective of doing things well, based on a professional model, on solid principles and values and on the systematisation and improvement of processes and products.


The main values of our company are integrity, honesty and transparency in our relationship with the client. Prudence and rigour in project management.

“The favourable outlook for the evolution of activity is pushing us into an expansionary phase of the economy that we have not seen since 2008, and we can fall into the self-deception of believing that the general situation will push the sails of company growth by itself. It is at this time that it is necessary to take a general view that is not short term. If we look at the economic results achieved by this company since the beginning of 2016, we can see how we have been able to make significant profits, even in years in which, a priori, the net turnover could be below the amount necessary to maintain its operations. The common denominator of this good performance has been the concern for the constant and continuous improvement of the company and its processes, rather than the evolution of the global environment. From this perspective, these have been complicated but fruitful years, in which the work of all its components has made it possible to embark on new paths and ways of working that alter the very concept of construction activity. This renewed impetus must also guide this new stage, because in practice, it is a scenario of competition as difficult as the previous one, in which we must be consistent with the strategy followed, as it is precisely now that it must unfold its effects…”.

“…The efforts made during these years have resulted in an important positioning and recognition in the different areas in which we operate, which we cannot squander and which must serve as a lever to take advantage of opportunities for growth. Having successfully completed projects undertaken in adverse circumstances cannot be seen as a guarantee of success, but rather as an increase in the level of demand for the coming period, in which constant innovation in technology and organisation will continue to provide the framework to ensure the stability of the company regardless of the ups and downs of the economic cycles.
I firmly believe in the capacity and talent of all the people who make up Romiltex, but also that the progress we are able to achieve as an organisation will be the best proof of our personal worth.

Great works and small details that bring added value to our customers are awaiting us. A new stage in which we will have great opportunities, which I encourage you to take advantage of, with no other aim than to be better every day in our work”.

Oleksandr Romanchenko

CEO, Romiltex

Romiltex has the experience of more than 32.000m2 built and 38 projects successfully completed and executed with the best qualities.

Our experience in all types of construction projects and the application of our own control and monitoring systems with the latest innovations allows us to offer a comprehensive service, with the capacity to successfully complete any construction challenge with quality, on time and on budget.

Team of


The team is coordinated and managed under a horizontal organisational structure, which allows us to provide a higher quality service, efficiency and agility in decision-making.

Motivated and convinced that continuous training is the key to being able to satisfy our increasingly demanding clients, who are looking for greater added value in the execution of their projects.

At Romiltex we have qualified professionals, with clearly defined information systems and procedures, whose objective is to offer, every day, a service of the highest quality.

SUSTAINABLE construction

Romiltex, faithful to its firm commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection, is working with protocols to improve the environmental and sustainability conditions of the works we carry out.


At Romiltex, our economic-financial policies are reflected in financial statements that are recognised in our sector in terms of solvency, security and fulfilment of obligations.

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