At Romiltex we offer a wide range of integrated services in the construction value chain, aimed at both new construction and the refurbishment, restoration and adaptation of buildings.

Our team of specialised and highly qualified professionals tackle construction projects for single-family and multi-family homes, comprehensive refurbishments or the adaptation of commercial premises, offices and other retail assets, with the guarantee and solidity provided by almost a decade of experience in the sector.

The best solutions

To be the reference company in the residential sector in Spain, with a vocation to be established throughout the national territory and with the humble objective of doing things well, based on a professional model, on solid principles and values and on the systematisation and improvement of processes and products.



If none of our properties meet your wishes, talk to our team. It will be our pleasure to turn your idea into reality, selecting the ideal plot, advising you on the choice of architect and defining every detail with you. You will receive regular updates on the status of the project and you will enjoy every step in the realisation of your dream.



Turnkey homes so that our clients do not have to worry about anything. The exclusive villas built by Romiltex have been designed to satisfy the wishes of different types of families. Among our options there are homes with different characteristics and full of possibilities. If you buy your home off plan, we offer you a wide variety of finishes so that you can customise it according to your tastes.



Do you have your plot and your project ready? We materialise your project so that the execution is flawless and your home is exactly as you have planned. Our technical team has experience in the construction of both simple and large-scale projects. We work according to strict quality and safety standards, in a clean, orderly and professional manner.

ONE STEP beyond

Romiltex’s services go one step further than those offered by other construction companies, we want to offer our clients a comprehensive service by actively participating in the client’s project, and paying special attention to detail.

Para sacar el máximo partido a cada proyecto, acompañamos al cliente durante todo el desarrollo de su proyecto de construcción, asesorándolo desde el anteproyecto, proyecto básico y proyecto de ejecución asegurando la máxima calidad, en los plazos y precio establecido en la oferta.

Como empresa constructora en Málaga especializada, contamos con los profesionales más cualificados del sector, capaces de ofrecer soluciones eficientes y responder de manera dinámica ante cualquier necesidad del proyecto.

In order to get the most out of each project, we accompany the client throughout the development of his construction project, advising him from the preliminary project, basic project and execution project, ensuring the highest quality, within the deadlines and price established in the offer.

As a specialised construction company in Malaga, we have the most qualified professionals in the sector, capable of offering efficient solutions and responding dynamically to any project requirements.


Perseguimos el liderazgo en el sector por la innovación, mejora continua de procesos, tecnología y gestión, aplicados a ofrecer a nuestros clientes el mejor producto en la mejor relación calidad-precio.


Romiltex, offers you a unique AFTER-SALES service in the real estate market. Our properties are subject to periodic inspections during the first 10 years, which can be extended if the client so wishes. It is a novelty, but it is also a formality and responsibility.


Romiltex as a company and brand of prestige and reference in the design and construction of designer homes works with the highest quality standards, complying with building regulations and following a process of total transparency in the project and construction phase.


Romiltex in its eagerness to guarantee the whole process and facilitate our clients the access to their home, has agreed special financing conditions and self-promoting loan with preferential treatment to our clients with BBVA bank. So that you will be able to know from the first moment the financing conditions of your custom-made house, depending on the model and qualities.


By managing the construction process in a correct, stable and integral way, our houses are much more economical than a conventional house. But there is also another advantage to be highlighted. Our clients will know the exact final price and completion dates from the very beginning. There will be no unforeseen events or variations of any kind, the figures will remain intact from start to finish.


We are committed to making design one of our hallmarks, researching and innovating to apply the most appropriate lines of design to our products, integrating and aligning all the actors in our production process to project the desired image of Romiltex to the customer and the market in general.

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